R & S Magazine September 2018

We are proud to be the cover story in R & S Magazine, the industry leading magazine by the British Association of Removers.

We have reproduced the text at the bottom, great coverage of how we are progressing as a business.




It’s been a couple of years since R&S published an in-depth profile into Cheshire Removals and in that time the company has made remarkable progress in achieving profitable growth in its removals and storage businesss. Established by Michael Fahey more than 20 years ago on the back of a family transport and removals business dating back to the 1900s, Cheshire Removals is seeing returns from its significant investments in its staff and operations.

The Stockport-based company has built up a strong reputation in Cheshire, Manchester and the North West for its house moving and in recent years has established a loyal client base for commercial moves, offering a wide range of specialised services to its corporate clients, including shredding, recycling and disposal services. Mike comments that the company’s European and International move offerings remain popular, with relocations to all parts of Europe (recently Finland and Norway), North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. “Many of our overseas moves are relocations for companies.

Lately we have been doing a lot of moves overseas and in the UK for people who are retiring. This year we have carried out more than 50 moves of people retiring to Cornwall from the south Manchester and east Cheshire areas,” he said.Ramping upIn the same way that Michael determinedly built up his successful used removals vehicles business in recent years, he is currently ramping up Cheshire Removals’ core business of removals and storage to be absolutely sure the company is operating at peak, with well-skilled staff and highly efficient vehicles, equipment and infrastructure.

After 23 years of running the business Michael appointed a transport manager, Rob Morris, at the beginning of this year to further develop the business and bring in new approaches. With many years of very relevant industry experience under his belt, including with Pickfords, Rob is leveraging new leads to double or even triple the revenue in particular from commercial and overseas moves. Working together with Michael’s brother Rob Fahey, who is part of the Cheshire Removals business development team, Michael and Rob Morris have mapped out an ambitious business strategy which will continue to be implemented over the next 12 months. The key tenets of this strategy are to grow the company profitably, substantially increasing the proportion of revenue from overseas and commercial moving work and to continue to reinvest in the business.

Promoting the company’s credentials has been the first step. In addition to its long-time membership of the BAR, the company recently joined Which? Trusted trader to achieve recognition from the UK’s largest consumer organisation. However, as Rob Fahey puts it: “Being a Member of BAR is like being the fi ve-star hotel of removal companies.”

The company was also accepted into FORS, the fleet operator recognition scheme, to demonstrate its exemplary levels of best practice in safety, effi ciency, and environmental protection. Its purchase this year of two new Scania 5 container trucks is part of the company’s on-going commitment to using state-of-the-art, fuel-effi cient vehicles. As the company refi nes its processes and skills in areas such as commercial moving, Cheshire Removals has set itself goals to achieve the British commercial moving standard and to join the BAR’s Commercial Moving Group. Cheshire Removals is planning to roll out an online strategy this year to highlight its expertise in domestic home moving, corporate and overseas moves. It will run separate campaigns to optimise its rankings on internet search engines.

Another area where the company has invested this year is its new training program which has been extremely well received as it applies to operative and offi ce staff. The program involves a careful selection of both internal and external training to ensure consistency and high standards. In line with its distinctive approach and brand, Cheshire Removals has also installed customised new software for its operations and accounting. The set up is a modern and highly efficient customer relationship management tool, incorporating General Data Protection Regulation requirements, and part of the software was provided by Moveman.

Mike is confident about the likelihood of success from the new strategy. “At the moment, 10% of our revenue is from international moves, 10% is from commercial moving and the rest is from domestic house moves. We now plan to shift our focus so that house moves represent 50% of our turnover,” he told R&S. “To achieve this we are re-investing in our business, our people, our infrastructure and our digital presence.”