Overseas Moving

At Cheshire International Removals Ltd, we are part of an international moving network and we can offer export packages that will help you move seamlessly to your new home overseas.


You can choose to send your items in a shipping container, across the waters.

When using this method, you have two options:

Full Container Load (FCL)

This is a dedicated shipping container for your sole use. Once your items are export packed and wrapped, we can load the shipping container at your residence (Access check required), before sending it on the way to your new home overseas.


Your items will be placed into a shipping container with other customers who are going to the same destination. All items will be loaded, invented and numbered for your piece of mind.

This is a cost effective option, but transit times may be longer as there is a period of consolidation prior to departure.


If time is of the essence, then airfreight is the quickest option for your move overseas. Customers usually send their essential items using this method.

Direct, groupage and trans-shipment options are also available.

Our office staff will be more than happy to help you with your moving requirements.

Please call us on 0161 476 2873 or email info@cheshire-removals.co.uk for further information